DPS Day Boarding is an extension of DPS High School. This is an effort made by DPS to ensure that the parents can stay stress free and can spend quality time with their child. We take the responsibility of the children’s homework, mock test, co-curricular activities and recreational activities. Every hour spend in our Day Boarding ensures qualitative engagement of the child in terms of studies, co -curricular and recreational activities.

We ensure that the parents don’t need to rush for private tuitions after school hours, we take care of it. We conduct mock test regularly to measure the performance of the children and to locate areas of improvement. DPS Mock test service is to provide teachers access to standardized tests that provide feedback on the student’s strengths and weaknesses in key curriculum areas. The advantage of such a system is that teachers can pay more attention to the child and tailor an individual study programme for the student according to his/her needs. We also report to parents by providing them detailed information on the progress of the child.


  • To help students strengthen their learning of the regular school hours by providing extra learning facilities.
  • To provide an environment appropriate for the total development of children by providing them opportunities for educational, co- curricular and recreational activities.
  • To help average & below average students to perform better and above average students to excel in their respective areas.
  • To create an English learning and speaking atmosphere so that our students maintain the DPS standards.


1. Diagnosis of students’ strength and weakness.
2. Provision for promoting students strengths and overcoming weaknesses.
3. Guidance and counseling.
4. Coaching /re-coaching.
5. Special individualized attention.
6. Mock Test.
7. Educational games through audio visual aids.
8. Computer education.
9. Homely and Friendly environments.


Working couples are very common today, Moms and Dads go to work and children are left with electronic gadgets (TV, Computers etc.) and in the company of untrained care-takers. We at DPS have the right kind of experience, expertise and infrastructure to take care of the needs of the children. In our day care we accept children one year onwards. We have specially trained nannies to take care of the kids under the supervision of DPS day care team. We have fully equipped centre. We have various formats for day care where in parents can send the food or it can be provided by the school.


We provide a/c rooms for our day care students. In our day care there is a provision for afternoon nap for children who have a habit of sleeping during the day time. Our regular activities include Singing, Dancing, Art and Craft, Puppet Show, Computer Aided Education, Educational Video Shows, Mental Mathematics, Educational Toys, range of carefully selected play equipments made of child friendly material, use of Library Books, Aerobics, Indoor Games, General Knowledge, Public Speaking, Story Time, Riding and Driving Zone. Learning activities and learning apparatus are integral part of our Day Care. Our day care students can also enjoy our swimming pool under the supervision of the trainer. We can help you with the school home work too so that you can spend quality time with your kid at home.

In DPS there is a place to……

  • Swim
  • Stretch
  • Play in the sand
  • Garden
  • Do computers
  • Play with activity materials
  • Just lie down and relax
  • Show off your acting skills
  • Climb up and down
  • Fun with Colors
  • A cozy corner to read


When you are a part of the fun, you are part of the learning too. By play, we help in building your child’s foundation of social skills, communicative development, physical ability, and self-esteem. Children can discover new rhythms and dance to different beats, sing all their favorites songs and can have fun without any pressure. There will be support activities like sharing stories, spoken English, drawing, dancing, singing, art & craft, mental mathematics, public speaking, structured indoor playing, riding and biking zone, computers, and a lot more. Children are sure to be free to explore and to create new beginnings. We can help you with the school homework so that you can spend quality time with the kids.

We also provide day boarding facilities for our students. Our teachers prepare these students for studies after schooling hour.