DPS CO-EDUCATIONAL provides public school education for girls and boys in Burdwan Town. We are part of the finest English medium schools in India. We welcome students from Nursery to Grade 8 and we follow CBSE curriculum. Students may choose Bengali or Hindi as their Second Language. We also offer Day Care and Day Boarding facilities with food for our students just to make sure that the parents can stay stress free and spend quality time with their child.

Co-Education does not simply mean educating boys and girls in the same classrooms. It denotes a philosophy of schooling, learning, and equality. A coeducational school thinks deliberately and seriously about educating boys and girls together for their studies and their lives. Boys and girls can learn from each other by sharing their talents and intellect. A coeducational classroom creates a realistic environment that when combined with high expectations, provides an informed education

  • Girls and boys succeed in school when the elements of an informed education are present. Such elements include small batches in class, equitable teaching practices, and a focused academic curriculum.
  • Co-educational day schools offer the best replication of the broader society. Students who learn to work with members of the opposite gender clearly prepare for the wide world beyond school.
  • In a healthy school environment, neither boys nor girls are compromised by their gender.
  • Coeducation sends a strong message to young girls and boys of the fundamental compatibility of difference, equality, and achievement.
  • Coeducation provides opportunities for schools to use the social dynamics that occur between and among boys and girls to prepare them for competition with each other in a roughly gender-balanced world.
  • Boys and girls have different interests, strengths, weaknesses, and develop at different rates. Understanding, respect, and collaboration between and among boys and girls are the best foundation for life in the real world.