1.What are the classes that are offered by DPS?

  • Play Group and Nursery classes operating in 2 shifts(MORNING&DAY) are offered for the convenience of the parents.

1. What method do you follow to teach the children?

  • At DPS PLAY WAY METHOD as per the child’s age & environment is used to teach them. We follow the child-centric method wherein our entire focus is on the child & all the activities go around him/her. These activities are not only to clarify the concepts but also to meet the various needs of the child such as refinement of senses, motor development, linguistic development, spiritual development, naturalist development, inter & intra personal skill development, visual & spatial intelligence development, mathematical & logical intelligence development.


  • It is the most child friendly & widely accepted approach to child centric education. At DPS we are truly eager to give our little genius enough independence to choose their daily activities, meanwhile we as a mentor will keep a close watch & correct them where ever needed. This improves the cognitive (the process of knowing, thinking, learning & judging) skill of the child and helps in overall development.

3. What is the ratio between the child & the teacher?

  • The efforts are made to keep it low to give them good care. The child and teacher ration normally is 20:1.

4. Do you converse in English with the kids?

  • In the beginning the child is made comfortable in the school by making use of both the languages to express himself/herself. Gradually the child is conditioned to English commands, which is the requirement of the time.

5. What age group children do you take in the school?

  • The child is welcome to join DPS Play School as per the following age group:
    • Play Group 1.5 year+
    • Nursery 2.5 year +

6.What are your school timings?

  • Morning Shift starts at 8A.M and ends at 11A.M and the Day Shift starts at 10A.M and ends at 3P.M.

7.What are your day boarding timing?

  • Starts at 8am and ends at 6pm,a parent can choose any eight hours as per their convience.

8.Do you provide food in Day Boarding?

Yes,we do.

9. What are your office timings?

  • The office remains open for 6 days (Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4pm).

10. What is your academic session?

  • The school academic year is from April to March. However admission is taken throughout the year if seats are available. For details kindly get in touch with office.

11. What is your admission procedure?

  • The school academic year is from April to March.. The admission may be granted during other months also depending upon the availability of seats.
    A Birth Certificate as a proof of age from the Civic Body or a discharge certificate from hospital/nursing home stating the exact date of birth according to the English calender is required at the time of Admission along with two
    stamp sized photographs of the child.

12. Do you provide school transport?

Yes, reliable transport facility with a staff is available.

14. Is school uniform compulsory?

  • The specially designed uniform of DPS is compulsory. This tradition contributes to a strong sense of community at the school with an added benefit of having a neat & well groomed child.

15. What is the concept of escort cards?

  • For security purpose, two escort cards are issued at the beginning of the session for all classes. So, the parents /guardians should bring the escort card as identification, when coming to school to collect the child or to attend any school event or for any other purpose.

16. Are books necessary?

  • Specially designed books by DPS research & development department, New Delhi are used according to the age group of children. These are tailor made for concept development & are full of education for the children.

17. Do the children take their own Tiffin?

  • No, the children are fed by trained nannies. Later days they are taught how to take Tiffin with the use of cutlery & napkin.

18. If the children face worst situation like (vomiting, potty etc.) how would you manage?

  • The teacher helps the child to get cleaned up with the help of care takers/trained nannies.

19. Do you emphasize on social etiquette in your play school?

  • Yes, social etiquette is important part of our curriculum.
  • Not necessary, the school provides toilet training.

20. Should the child be toilet trained before joining the school?

21. Do you have a doctor on call?

  • Yes, we do.

22.Is the Faculty and Staff trained?

  • DPS has trained, experienced faculty and committed staff.